What do you get when you combine an ambitious vision for a group of students, dedicated adults, commitment to serving others, and community partnership with a local church? You get the Marquardt Student Service Society – a group of fifty  Marquardt 7th graders who were formed with much effort between the school district, faculty members along with the support and collaboration of Bloomingdale Church. The group’s purpose centers on personal development and growth through acts of service to the community.

On Friday, May 20, the Youth Staff at Bloomingdale Church invited the MSSS to an appreciation party. Bloomingdale Church Student Interns and adult volunteers participated in planning and having different stations for the Marquardt students to enjoy: gagaball and street hockey, bounce house and basketball, coloring, and karaoke. There were special goodies provided by the Women of BC and local businesses like Starbucks. (Thanks Martin and Team!) and Chick-fil-A (You’re awesome Angie and Team!).

There were smiles all around, music rocking, yummy food, games a plenty, and tons of fun! All was done in appreciation of the Marquardt Student Service Society by organizations that value dedicated service to others.