Our Youth Alpha Launch Party is Friday, February 14th.  We are so excited to welcome in many students and guests!   

Curious what happens at a Youth Alpha Launch Party?  Well, here is what happened at a previous one…

  • Matt welcomed students in the rain
  • Our leaders were decked out in blue and pink Youth Alpha shirts
  • Craig G jammed on the guitar
  • We had a great spread of “carnival” food and root beer floats
  • One-liners by Nathan Hodges
  • A 20 minute film entitled “Is This It?”
  • “Speed friending”, 2 pinatas, and “Jug ball”
  • Take home gifts for everyone
  • We changed up the activity every 15-20 minutes resulting in eight different room changes (using only three rooms).
  • Two guests told Christine that their favorite part of the night was the film. “It really made me think,” they said.
  • As Daniel introduced the film, the students were off the charts “wired.” But as soon as it began, they were completely engaged for 20 minutes. (That is the Holy Spirit at work!)
  • A guest asked Daniel if she could invite her friend next week. “Absolutely!”
  • As you looked across the room throughout the night, almost every student was smiling and often laughing. Yes, this was the safe, belonging environment we had prayed for!