Would you consider purchasing a gift for a Apache reservation teen in San Carlos, Arizona?

GET AN ENVELOPE: We have a “giving tree” in the coffeehouse.  Just taket a $5, $10, $15 or $20 envelope.

BRING THE MONEY: To sunday night youth group or Daniel/Matt’s office by December 11.

WHY MONEY ONLY:  We spent over $75 on shipping last year for all the gifts.  By sending money only, we are multiplying the amount of gifts we can give!!


A note from our missionary friends in San Carlos:

It may seem strange to already be talking about Christmas, but it is right around the corner. Again we will try to get a $5 to $10 gift for each of our students and members of their family which will total around 300 people.

Every year there are several people who tell us this was the only present they got for Christmas! If you would like to try to make a difference for Jesus this year, consider adopting one or two (or a whole family of) Apaches and provide a gift for them.

This year we have a work group from San Antonio, Texas coming to help purchase, wrap and distribute the gifts. In addition to their help with this project, they will be throwing a Christmas celebration for all our
students to attend! We are excited for all that the Lord has been doing on San Carlos lately and happy to have help “reaping the harvest”!

Together we can give a“helping hand” to the people of San Carlos while showing them that their Heavenly Father cares about every little detail in their lives…including having something to open on Christmas morning