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03.26.14  //  Issue 01.15
Family-Based Youth Ministy | Daniel
  In a Youth Ministry class at Toccoa Falls College, my prof wanted us to explore different approaches on to how to lead a local church youth ministry.  I had just graduated from six years of being a student participant, and hardly realized that there were different approaches than my past experiences.  I am grateful for the wisdom of my prof.  I remember reading Family-Based Youth Ministry.  "FBYM" emphasizes the Old Testament model in which God instructed the parents to teach His commandments to their children (Deut 6: 4-9).  I absolutely agree!  God's design for parents is to be the primary spiritual coach for their children.

Last week, I attended a local gathering of youth pastors (Youth Ministry Fellowship).  The topic: Family-Based Youth Ministry.  This got me thinking again: What can we ("the BC Youth Ministry") do to follow God's design to encourage, equip, and empower parents?

As a Youth Ministry and Youth Staff, we do not have many answers, but we do have questions we want to consider:
  1. Are we ("The BC Youth Ministry") invested in and connected with the discipleship of parents?
  2. We strive for students to belong. How can we do this for parents?
  3. Are we creating a space for parents to be together? Is there a space for new parents to easily assimilate?  (How do we do this?)
  4. Are we inviting parents to mentor other parents? 
We would love your feedback: youth@bloomingdalechurch.org.
Discipleship Update | Nate
  Our Spring Small Groups have kicked off again and it has been exciting. Over the past several months we have been regularly asking students for their feedback on Coffeehouse, Small Groups and Sunday Morning Youth Group (via focus groups).  We are listening.

A constant theme we have found that our students enjoy is TOGETHERNESS. They love being a group together.  The like getting to talk and grow in their spiritual lives based on what they are learning from each other. Specifically, our Small Groups have stepped in to meet this need. 

Small Group Highlights:
  • 10-12th Grade (Joel Riem, Mark and Ashley Waterman)  Last week 18 people squeezed into the Waterman's house as they continued their study on John 1-3. The students love the chance to chat about their life.  The are even sticking around after to ask questions.
  • 8-9th Grade (Janie Mullins & Tim Hauser) This group is using the book of John to springboard into questions on how they can better share their faith. The message of Jesus and his life has been very helpful. 
  • 7th Grade Girls (Anna Kugel, Katherine Bauer) They have grown together very quickly. They are sharing life issues and are very honest with each other.  God is working in the hearts of our 7th grad girls and it's a good sign of the leadership to come. 
  • 7th Grade Boys (Nate Kugel, Chris Flammini) This group loves competing with each other. Whether that means in billiards or the Wii, they love to be with each other in the heat of battle. That's not all! They are enjoying our Bible study and love the study comments that are a part of the book. 
#YouthAlpha Update | Daniel
  Have you checked out the updated photos, videos, and #YouthAlpha Film series clips (facebook.com/youthalpha264coffeehouse)? 

#YouthAlpha Week 5 Highlights
  • 80 students attended. #fridaynightparty
  • Open gym had to be divided three ways to accommodate everyone: #4square #protecttheprez #ballin
  • Our food theme was "casseroles." There was so much food we kept sending extras home with students. #foodfoodfood
  • In the Youth Film Series, Ben told a story about how he prayed for his family to stay together, and still knew God was listening even when it did not go as he had hoped. #whypray
  • Students comfortable sharing their opinions at table groups. #dontjudge
  • High school "later night" hangout #chillspace
#YouthAlpha Week 6 Highlights
  • 70 students attended #fridaynightparty
  • Breakfast for Dinner...chocolate chip pancakes, sausage, scrambled eggs & breakfast burritos #foodfoodfood
  • #opengym [basketball, volleyball, & human foosball]
  • Have you ever tried reading the Bible before? How did it go? #theBible
  • Each student received a free "Life Book" if they wanted one #gospelofJohn Table group "telephone pictionary"
Ways You Can Pray
  • There is so much energy on Friday nights. Please pray that students will not only attend, but will feel like they are a part of this Christ-centered community.
  • 20 new students have come to YA/Coffeehouse for the first time since YA began Feb 14.
  • Pray for students to feel comfortable sharing their opinions during table time.
  • Pray for "something to stick" from each film within a student's heart..
  • Saturday, March 29th is the Youth Alpha Day Away. We will be watching two films on the Holy Spirit, eating a home cooked breakfast, lunch, and playing "whirly ball." Please pray for students to commit to attend, and be a step closer to becoming a fully devoted Christ-follower. 
Chat Trip "Service" | Nate
  This summer, our Jr High students will be the HANDS of Jesus in Chattanooga, TN on June 29-July 3:
  • Putting on a "kid's club" (or Party in the Park) for all of the local kids to come feel and hear the love of Jesus for them
  • Assisting the elderly at Life Care Centers of East Ridge and Hixson/St. Barnabas
  • Cleaning up trash at the Audobon Acres Lookout Mountain Conservancy
  • Organizing/Collecting for the Chattanooga area Food Bank
  • Assisting and playing with kids at Avondale Head Start program
Hopefully, you may have heard Sam and Nate's message this weekend on "Acts of Service" and the necessity they hold for a solid Christian life. If you missed it here's the video: bloomingdalechurch.org/service-disciplines
The Week Ahead

Junior High  6:30-9:30pm
High School  6:30-930pm
(Open to 11:30pm)

Saturday [9am-4:30pm]
Permission due no later than Friday: storiesof.us/youthalpha


Sundays, 6:30-8pm
10-12th @ Waterman’s [2N600 Diane Ave, GE]
8-9th @Murray’s [954 Hill Crest, CS]
7th Guys @ Freeman’s [683 Willow, CS] 
7th Girls @ Stephen’s [2N525 Euclid, GE]
April 4


April 27; June 1

Saturday May 3

Sunday May 4

June 10 (6-8pm) 

Friday June 13
(Last day for seniors)

June 16-20

Friday June 13
  YOU CAN FUNDRAISE for any retreat/onMission trip.  Please go to storiesof.us/funds to review our fundraisers, in addition to info below >>>

PLANT SALES [7th-12th grade] 
Go to storiesof.us/funds for all sales info. You and your parent must participate in the Plant Sales Delivery Day on May 3.  You must turn in everything by April 4.

Ask neighbors/family if they have any jobs/labor. Place $ in envelope with Trip Tix in gym mailbox.

BC RENT-A-TEEN CHILDCARE  [9-12 grade] Provide childcare at designated functions. Sign up at: storiesof.us/funds.
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