There are many commonly used statements that surround being a Christian. For example, when a pastor encourages us to have our “devotions,” we all nod our head in agreement, knowing that he is instructing us to spend time reading the Bible and talking to God.

Another commonly used Christian statement is “to be filled with the Holy Spirit.” I have heard sermons, books, and Bible studies all my life about this and feel like I mentally checked it off my “Christian-goal checklist.” I thought, “I’m a Christian, so I must be naturally ‘filled’ with the Holy Spirit.”

Recently, I was confronted with the reality, that in the early church, Paul commands the Christians to be “filled with the Spirit” (Ephesians 5:17-20). This was not just a group of general people, but rather a church. This means that even when someone accepts Jesus’ sacrifice for their life and claims to be a Christ-follower, they are still called to continue pursuing the filling of the Spirit. Paul goes on to say (in Galatians 5:16-17) that due to the bad choices and actions we commit (sin), there is great cause for us to daily ask God for the Holy Spirit to take control of our lives to assist and protect us.

I had to stop and reconfirm that God is in the driver’s seat of my life and ask for the Holy Spirit to come take control. I plan to keep asking Him, to give me wisdom with my job and family, to help me avoid wrong or sinful choices, and give me love and genuine care for everyone around me.