LIFE Conference Update/Review

The week has finally arrived. 29 of our teenagers are going to Kansas City for the LIFE Conference.

You have a significant part of this trip for our teens. No, not financially, but with something more useful… prayer.

  • The Conference Sessions and speakers: For the running mind of teens, sitting and listening for extended periods of time may be an uncomfortable experience. Please pray that the truth and life coaching given by the speakers is heard and provokes our student’s intellect.
  • For Unity: that friendships are made and forgiveness would be a trademark of our attitudes.
  • For Logistics: that travel, health, and scheduling would go so smoothly that nothing would detract from what is going on in the hearts of our students.
  • By Name: Noah B, Olivia M, Mark F, Heather M, Grace P, Josh V, Michelle H, Jake B, Josh S, Jenny B, Anthony R, Clarissa S, Grant P, Andrew B, Graham P, Payton S, Maddie O, Sebass O, Jeremy P, Emily T, Bella D, Paul D, Tyler B, Josh R, Lauryn C, Ivan D, Trinity F, Eric D, Kayla C, Nate K, Anna K, Liz S, Uzma L, Danny M, Ed O, Mary O.

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