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On July 9-14, 40 students and leaders from Bloomingdale Church set out for a life impacting experience at LIFE 2013 in St. Louis.   You can join them by praying for them and leaving a note of encouragement on their blog below!


  1. One experience that really stuck to me from LIFE 2013 was during one of the worship sessions. You see I’ve never really understood the overwhelming joy that others feel when worshiping or serving. Ive felt good but I’ve never felt that overwhelming joy. And during one of the songs that the Jeremy Riddle Band was performing i had a sudden sense of crazy happiness. And i had never felt that before, everyone had their hands in the air and i just so happy almost giddy for those 2-3 min. And god just put it on my heart to pursue that joy. So thats what i took away from LIFE.

  2. Life 2013 was an amazing experience. I learned how to listen to God and not just talk to Him. I felt God’s presence on multiple occasions during the trip, as I believe other people did. I think I grew much closer to God, and also much closer to the other people who came on the trip. On this trip I learned so much, not only about God but also, about myself. I learned how to listen for God’s calling and how a lot of times God give you a passion that is aligned with his calling for you. I had never been on any trip like this before. There were so many great experiences from climbing around in the city museum to the big day of serving and the awesome speakers we got to hear. Life 2013 holds so many memories that I will never forget.

  3. Coming into Life I had no idea what to expect. I came in with a few questions, some that I didn’t even know I had but God answered all of them. The seminars were fantastic and I really feel like I learned a lot. Skye Jethani taught me how God just wants to be with us. It is not enough just to serve Him if we do not have a relationship with Christ.
    Coming out of Life I had this fervor to share the gospel with someone. I have no idea how to come about it though although I do have some people in mind. And I definitely feel relieved that I can be a radical Christian without being so radical.

  4. Where do I even begin, wow LIFE 2013 was really something to remember. The theme being RENEW really was fulfilled. I walked in with God tugging on my heart to be on mission, I wasn’t sure what he meant and I thought he meant missionary, which was not something I was ready to hear about so me, being the strong-willed girl that I am, wrestled with God saying “Nah this isn’t for me” until finally I knew I had to shut up and just listen to what he was trying to tell me. He wasn’t calling ME to move across the globe but instead HIM to move across my friends. It was a wake up call, I hadn’t been taking the oppurtunities he had been giving me to share my faith.The seminars I went to really helped me realize that God has given me gifts to use for him… I can also say I feel a much stronger bond with everyone who went on LIFE, I consider everyone my brother and sister and it feels like they really are too. LIFE 2013 helped me learn that “Miracles will happen when you take a step of faith.” -Francis Chan & “You cannot follow the commands of Jesus if you’re afraid.” -Skye Jethani

  5. This trip had been like no other that I have experienced with the youth group. It was more eye opening and ultimately life changing.
    I learned that the way I have been living life and the way I should be living were completely different. I learned that as a follower of God you can’t just say you accept Jesus into your life and never act on it. You cant just say the words once and be done for the rest of your life. Ones devotion to Christ must be spoken but also followed up by actions that show ones true feelings on a daily basis.
    My favorite quote from the entire trip was by a poet at the conference named Micah he said ” Your past devotions do not please God today.” He was right and it really put things into perspective for me and helped me realize my faults.
    This trip really was a Renewal for me and I will remember it for the rest of my life.

  6. I learned that anyone can be used by God, if they just let him in. Also, I learned that we really are a family, and family always sticks together no matter the distance.

    The most fun thing I did at LIFE was the senior concert when The Rooster Party started playing. I could not stop smiling because it looked like they were having so much fun! Then we got to meet them afterwards!!

  7. Daniel’s highlights from LIFE 2013:

    Group Unity: We were so proud of how the group gelled together. It was a wide range of students and they all got along. No one was left out.

    Big Day of Serving: All 6K LIFE attendees were organized to serve in the local area on one of the afternoons. We were assigned to Belleville IL. For three hours we shoveled, scooped, and moved approximately 45 tons of pea gravel at a community park. It was tedious, and yet the students worked hard, did not complain, and had a lot of fun together. Very impressive.

    Main Sessions: The LIFE committee took a risk and only had Alliance pastors as speakers. This really helped give the week’s Big Idea (RENEW: discipleship, servant, church family, mission) emphasis. In the morning, the students watched a video of the speaker posing the theme as a question. In the evening, the same speaker spoke live responding to the question. The students really enjoyed the additional elements such as spoken word, stories, music, and communion too.

    Seminars: Each day, students attended two seminars. There was a lot of excitement for the speaker’s (ex: Francis Chan) and content (ex: Am I a consumer-Christian?). The students gladly attended each seminar and were able to articulate what they learned.

    The City Museum: On Friday, we went to the City Museum, which is an old shoe factory turned into an urban jungle gym. I’m not even sure if I can accurately describe it with words…so check on the pictures on social media.

    Leaders: Matt led our group, and did a great job (even with it being his first Life trip.) Christine rocked the logistics, always keeping us organized (and making sure we never lost anyone!) Nicole took great care of the teens, especially the girls (and still had enough energy to place third overall for women at the 5K race!) Mary and Ed were the champions of group hangouts, making sure we had something fun (ex: popcorn party on the terrace roof) to do together. Amy cared for the teens and baby Mari, while also being the unofficial group nurse.

    Parent’s Prayer: A handful of the parents got together Thursday evening to pray for the students. I heard that this was a wonderful time spent together and am so grateful for their initiative!

  8. Hey Ari! Its your sister. I miss you a lot! I hope that you are safe. I hope that the message will really connect with you and you will see the real reason you’re there. The pups say hi! and the miss you. I love you and miss you lots! – Bella

  9. We are praying for all of our kids attending LIFE 2013!!! Praying for life changing experiences and or the kids to be open to hear & listen to what God is telling them this week. Praise God that all these kids wanted to come to LIFE 2013 to praise, worship, serve & follow him… How exciting.. Praying for you Hannah, Praying you feel God’s presence today & the rest of he week.

  10. May God bless all the students and leaders for alow them one more time to experience the presence of The Lord. God bless you all.

  11. Praying for some life changing experiences. I’ve attended 2 and it was awesome watching teens and adults worshipping and learning together. Have a great safe time.

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