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From June 21-27, a team of 8 students and 3 leaders will travel to Roger’s Park, Chicago. I’m most excited for is what our students will learn as they serve the community. As a Youth Ministry, one of our core values is onMission. Living out this idea means that we daily ask for God’s leading, and that wherever we go, and whatever we’re asked to do is done with relentless faith. Unifying the value of onMission is the Great Commission. Jesus’ final command before leaving this earth was that we would go into all places (locally, regionally, and globally) making disciples who make disciples. I’m excited to watch these high school students discover the way their unique gifts and talents fit into sharing Christ with others.

Every day, students will learn about sharing their faith and how to put that into practice. The staff at Family Empowerment Centers of Chicago will teach Biblical principles aimed training students to see every community they live in as an opportunity to impact for Jesus Christ.

You’re invited to join  us as we’re in Chicago. You can read students’ and leaders’ comments during the trip below.  Most importantly, we would ask for your prayers.


  1. (Ari)

    Hello all!

    As this trip is winding down, I feel reminded of some absolute truths in my life. One being that I am forever with my savior,another that He loves me and that I love him. That being said, through this trip I have realized that life sucks. There is an infinite amount of injustices in the world that we call home; the home life of some of the kids or the poverty rate in this area all remind me of how blessed I truly am. On this last day I feel as if I was brought to this neighborhood and have encountered these children as a reminder that I couldn’t walk out these double doors with out these kids on my mind and a mission on my heart. I believe that the Lord has given everyone on this earth a purpose, and maybe mine is to be in the same neighborhood that I’ve been calling home for the past week. See you soon Roger’s Park!


  2. from Katie:

    well today is the last day… and it’s definitely full of mixed emotions. The biggest part of me is really sad that I’m leaving. mostly because I’m leaving my Day Camp kids, who I’ve gotten to know and care about this week. though they were a HUGE struggle, they’re all great kids deep down and it’s been so awesome to see that. Another part of me is super sad to leave the friends I’ve made from Iowa, along with the FECC staff. everyone is so cool, it’s been amazing to spend the week with them. however, there’s also a huge part of me that wants to go home and sleep in my bed. sleeping on the floor just isn’t doing it for me anymore… i physically couldn’t stand up this morning, lol.

    I’m not sure why i always do this to myself… get attached to people/places on missions trips, though i know i’ll have to leave. oh well. it’s been amazing to see the things God has done this week. He is good.

    love you all, see ya soon.

  3. (Steph)
    Hi Mom, Dad, Phil, and Jake! (and other b’dale-ers) 😛
    I have LOVED all and every adventure i have gotten into these past few days! From being thrown into new experiences to meeting new people to utilizing our improvising and spontaneous skills, I have been thru much awesome craziness! The highlights so far have been worship, the beach, chillin’ with fun new people, Rob and Scotts training, and of course the high energy fun and kids at Day Camp!!! Love y’all gotta go now!
    btw love ya mom, thanks for the shout out, it means alot! 😉

  4. (Heather)
    Hey all! Having a lot of fun here. Meeting a lot of new kids and people (there’s a group from Iowa). Anyways its been a great experience, my back hurts but the guys gave me one of their air mattresses so I’m doing better now. Anyways love you all see you soon.

  5. (Ari)

    Hey B-dale parents! I Just wanted to inform you that your children have gotten tattoos. It’s okay though because mamma Massie okayed it and we got them at a cheap price. All my love!

    P.S. They’re temporary

  6. (Jeremy)
    It has been very awesome working here at the FECC. It was really cool to see the kids go from the first day of shyness to the second day of being loud and singing. I have learned that whoever is close to you (in this case, the BC Team and the Iowa Team, and Rodgers Park area) are my neighbors. I learned that we need to love our neighbors and not judge by what you see with a first glance. The ethic food is really good and its was fun to go to the beach. Looking forward to the rest of day camp, and the rest of the trip.

  7. (Noah) I got kicked in the face :DDDDDD

    • (Noah)
      Having “Bro Time” it’s physical and emotional ;p

  8. From Renee:

    This trip has been amazing, we have been learning how to minister to other people here and love them. And the talks with our leaders have given us a new perspective in thinking about our faith and how we are listening to God. The power of prayer has also been a blessing. This experience has been wonderful in teaching us how to love others and do God’s work!

  9. I am thankful for and proud of each of you for serving two weeks of day camp back-to-back with little rest in between. You truly demonstrate Christ’s love for others and what it means to be humble SERVANTS for His Kingdom. I look forward to seeing more pics and hearing your personal stories about this adventure. You are in my prayers. Love you too.


  10. Me again! Just wanted to include a Way to Go to Steph for her help at Party in the Park, too! Great job with the kids as you creatively painted their sweet faces!

  11. Hi Steph and the rest of the CHI team! Been praying for you all. God has given each one of you special gifts and talents and this opportunity to continue to shine for Him. May you feel His presence with you each day and may all others around you feel His love, too!
    Praying for heartfelt connections for you all…with God, with each other and with your kids at Day Camp. Also praying for good health for all! Love to CHI team…and especially to our Steph. (We smile as we think of your wonderful smile and enthusiasm for all you do! Bet the skits, songs and worship times are great! Way to go, Sweetie! XOXO)

  12. From Christine:

    Hi Bloomingdale Church, Moms, Dads, Daniel, Amy, Nate, Anna, all our friends, Mrs. Marina, Mrs. Z and other Day Camp Amazingness people who have helped us become who we are and get to the place where we’re able to put on our own awesome Day Camp in Chicago!

    We just finished our third day of Day Camp here at FECC in Chicago and the one word that can describe it so far is: CRAZYGREAT! 🙂

    Here are some Day Camp Highlights so far:

    * Making new friends: We are working with a team of 6 from Dover Alliance Church in Orange City, Iwoa. We are also working with many FECC volunteers. It is fun to get to know these new people and work together to put on an awesome Day Camp. We love that we were able to bring matching, colorful Day Camp shirts to make us feel like one big team. Thanks, Bloomingdale Church!

    *Getting to know the kids at FECC: We are pumped to be here for the kids in this community and be a small part of what God is doing here this summer through the day program for kids.

    * Learning: We are learning about new foods, learning how to interact with new people, and learning about God. Rob, Scott, Susan, Natalie, Danielle, and Brandy from FECC have been around to talk with us, teach us, and help us learn and grow. Were having a great time with them.

  13. Hello all,

    I want to add my huge thank you for all your hard work in making Day Camp and Party in the Park a huge success. Pastor David and I think we talked to about 10 families who had no church home. Let’s pray now for families to understand salvation.

    How exciting that you go from one high energy event to the next. Praying for eternal results for all involved and for a bit of rest.

    See you all on Sunday.

    Love you
    Mrs. Marina

  14. Hey Chicago Team,

    After an energy-packed (and draining) week at Day Camp, you guys are off to your next adventure. This morning I was praying for you and thanking God for you. I was specifically thanking God for how you served His people well this week at Day Camp and Party in the Park. I am so proud of you!

    PS…Even though it was one more event, thank you for pulling together to make Party in the Park a success last night!
    Noah & Josh: Thanks for bagging chips & popcorn
    Renee & Ari: Thanks for manning the food area
    Jeremy: Thanks for meeting a need with the balloon animals
    Katie: Thanks for your willingness to clean up
    Heather: Thanks for playing with kids



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