The ball sinks through the net with a discernible “swish”.  The teens line up on the baseline ready to run a three-man weave drill. “Can I have a banana?” is heard coming from the kitchen and empty Gatorade bottles line the trash can.  Seated in a circle on the court, teens are studying the Bible together.

“What was all that about?” you may be thinking. It’s a typical Saturday Teen Guys’ Basketball Clinic. Led by Matt Murray and Danny Muñoz, we use some of the experience we have had as players.

We start at 9am in the gym kitchen with a light breakfast consisting of bagels, fruit, yogurt, OJ and similar wondrous sundries. Next we stretch and begin conditioning exercises such as wall sits, jump rope, sit-ups and running full court suicides. We then start to work on fundamental basketball drills aimed at improving our game. After drills, we begin our Bible study and prayer time together because spiritual exercise is also part of our Basketball Clinic. At the conclusion of Bible study, we play scrimmage games until we finish up at noon.

If you are a teenage guy and enjoy basketball and want to get better, consider joining us on the third Saturday of the month from 9am-noon. Our next clinic is on Sat Sep 19. Lace-up!