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At Sunday Morning Youth Group a few weeks ago, I sat with the High School students to hear a student lead the morning discussion. This lesson sparked a debate, and it became evident that one student involved in the debate was seriously wrestling with the topic on a spiritual level.

Afterwards, I heard one of our Youth Group Student Interns walk up to this troubled student,”Hey, are you doing ok? I could tell this topic bothered you a little bit.” He answered, “Yeah, I just really take this stuff seriously.” The student replied, “Well, I think you made some great points. You know, we do this type of discussion at our small group every Sunday night. We chill and hang out at Mark and Ashley’s house. I would love to have you come!”

I nearly broke into a “touchdown” dance.  I am so proud of our students in how they care about each other, and see value in bringing others with them to participate in discipleship.