Have you ever canoed or set up a tent together?  Or created a community campout dinner?  Have you ever been a part of a group in which everyone was excited to be together, all sharing a common purpose?  Team work…that’s the the big idea at the “TeamUp” Youth Group Retreat.

We begin our epic road trip to Baraboo, Wisconsin early on Sat Aug 1. The Expeditions Unlimited staff will launch us on a guided canoe trip down the Wisconsin River. In the evening, we will work together to prepare our campsite at Nordic Pines Campground, make our meal together, and enjoy the campfire community. Some of us may elect to wake up early Sunday morning for a sunrise hike.  Then it’s time for breakfast and a campfire worship service. We also will spend our free time together at Devil’s Lake State Park. Throughout the weekend, we will be not only learning about teamwork but practicing it. We will be back Sunday evening (Aug 2) with stories to tell of the adventures we shared together.

Sign up for the TeamUp Retreat by Jul 27 online or get a form in the Youth Quad/Coffeehouse.  Cost is $65.  Scholarships are available for students who have never attended a Youth Group retreat.


Date: Aug 1-2, 2015
Cost: $65/student
Departure:  630AM, BC Parking Lot; Arrival: 6:30PM, Church parking lot
Offsite Location: Baraboo, Wisconsin (Nordic Pines Campground)
Form of Transportation: church van, rented vehicles, leader vehicles
What to bring:Bible (Pen, Journal), Sleeping Bag, Pillow, Towel, Toiletries, Comfortable modest clothing for 2 days/1 night, additional warm clothes, bathing suit, $ for Sunday fast food

www.storiesof.us/offsite (bottom of webpage)

-We maintain a minimum of 1 to 7 adult-to-student ratio.
-All leaders have attended Bloomingdale Church for at least six months, are Christ-followers, have completed an annual application, passed background/reference checks, and have received pastoral staff affirmation that they are suitable to serve.
-Drivers have clean driving records and are at least 21.

Retreats are an opportunity to not only “retreat” from our busy schedules, but also “retreat” from our continual use of electronics.

Cell phones are allowed, if the following are observed on retreats and onMission trips:
1) You may use your cell phone to contact your parent during free-time, if you receive permission.
2) You may keep your cell phone for emergency use.
3) You must share your cell phone number with the leader (via permission form).
4) The following cell phone/mobile device use is not allowed: Texting, watching media, playing games, online, social media, and using apps. Using your cell phone/mobile device during teaching sessions, seminars, or any group time (except a “Bible App”).

Students who chose to use their cell phone/mobile device will be asked to give the device to their leader: 1st offense: remainder of day; 2nd offense: remainder of trip.

Students may use an adult leader’s phone to call home when appropriate.

-We maintain zero tolerance for violence; harassment; possession of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons. Students who do not comply will be immediately removed.  Parents/guardians will be informed and asked to pick up their student.

-We will be respectful of God, of each other, and of ourselves.
-We will clean up before going home, including any space we used and taking time to clean up the vehicles.
-We will use appropriate language with one another.
-We will keep our contact brief and appropriate with others.

If you can bend over and touch your toes without showing any skin or underwear in the back, then your shirt and pants are okay. If you can raise your hands all the way above your head and not show your stomach or underwear, then your shirt is okay.

If a student chooses to not follow the specific rules of the leaders on an offsite retreat/trip:
-1st offense: student will contact their parents and explain his/her choices.
-2nd offense: student will be sent home on his/her own expense.
-We reserve the right to send a student home immediately.