“Retreat”, “Service”, “Friendship” and “Mission” are the primary purposes for our youth group retreats and onMission trips. Therefore, our goal is to guide students in the appropriate use of electronic media, focusing on the people we are with and our “retreating” to be with the Lord.

Cell phones are allowed, if the following are observed on retreats and onMission trips:

  • You may use your cell phone to contact your parent during free-time, if you receive permission from your leader.
  • You may keep your cell phone for emergency use.
  • You give your cell phone number to the leader.

The following cell phone/mobile device use is not allowed:

  • Texting, watching media, playing games, surfing the web, social media, and using apps with your cell phone/mobile device is not permitted at any time. (Why? We have chosen to attend this trip to connect with God and people.)
  • Your cell phone/mobile device is not used during teaching sessions, seminars, or any group time. (The only exception is using an app in response to the session.)

Students who chose to use their cell phone/mobile for other reasons will be asked to give their cell phone/mobile device to their leader: 1st offense: remainder of day; 2nd offense: remainder of trip. Students may use an adult leader’s phone to call home when appropriate.