“Loving our community” is such a blast. This past week, seven of our students participated in different activities. Between various youth staff, volunteers, and other students, those participating had someone in the crowd cheering loud and proud.

In addition to cheering for students, the event also presented an opportunity to care for each student’s parents. I had the privilege of talking to several parents before their students’ activity began. It was encouraging to see each parent talk about many aspects of their student (how proud of them they are, where they are struggling as parents, and how the parent is doing personally). Having these conversations reminded me of how vital it is that we not only cheer on these students during these activities, but that we encourage and support their parents as well.

Every student that attends a youth group program is encouraged to relay their sports, music, or other activities. Our goal is that each student will be visited once during each year. To sign up, go to storiesof.us/fanvan.