Fall Party
Two weeks ago, we transformed Friday Night into cornfields, pumpkin patches, and all the fall colors and scents we could find. Of course there was plenty of candy, pumpkin pie, and apple cider. Students came dressed in all forms of costume (and so did the Youth Leaders). The highlight for me was not just the 58 students who attended, but was also being able to see two of our students come and help decorate the entire space. (Thanks Jay & Hannah.)

A Student Transformed 
I heard a cool story from a parent last week about their student. The parent discussed how their student was a changed person, and so excited to live for God. I was then able to talk more about the student’s discovery of Jesus. This mom explained how her student accepted Jesus at Day Camp this year. What was especially thrilling to hear was how this student’s life has changed since then. They are actively pursuing God and working to introduce others to Him (such as bringing friends on Friday night). That is sure evidence of life change and what it looks like to live onMission for Jesus Christ.