We’ve all played sports, played music, or been to some training for a job where we were handed a manual or a book to read to give us the insight of how we are to work. Your playbook tells you that within the rules of the game or within the parameters of music, here is how you are to execute our plan or play these notes in a way that will make something beautiful.

Being from Nebraska where we follow the Cornhuskers, one inevitably becomes an avid football fan. This is a play that was ran in 2001. For those not familiar with football, a typical play will either be a running play or passing play.

This play is a mix of both of those. It’s called “Black 41 Flash Reverse.” (see link)

Everyone thought that this would be just a typical play until the guy who’s supposed to be throwing the ball, caught it and fooled everyone in the stadium. If you’ve played any sport or played music, you’ve had trick plays in your playbook or had a surprise part of a song that would shocks everyone. These are the fun parts, but to really perform your best, you have to know and study the whole book. If you don’t, you will end up confused and maybe even get hurt.

God had the same idea. I mean he knew “Hey, if I am going to create a way to save humans from avoiding hell, I have to show them a master plan for how life works.” He gave us a plan and a playbook. That playbook comes with stories of how others screwed up or did it right. The Bible is exactly that. You may be thinking, “I know where this guy is going. He is going to give me some guilt trip to read a real huge book, that I kinda think is boring and I don’t have time.

I’m going to step in and be your coach for a second. The Bible like a playbook, is broken up into sections. My favorite is called “James.” Go ahead and start there. It is short, but very powerful. My other favorite chapter is 1 John 1. That’s just one chapter! Go ahead and start simple.

Trust me, everything becomes more clear when you take time and study your playbook.