A retreat can be one of the most refreshing and rejuvenating things a person can do in of a busy season. This year’s Disciple Now retreat will hopefully give students the chance to get away from the norm of Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and connect with God. God wants us to be His followers, or disciples.  At Disciple Now we give students the chance to learn what that looks like. From hearing engaging speakers and seminars, singing, and reflecting, we hope each student will know that they have connected with God.

This year, we’re privileged to have former Bloomingdale Church staff member Paul T as our speaker.  Our theme is “Grace & Truth” (See John 1:14).  The world we live in often does not care about truth, but rather that you express whatever beliefs one feels. We hope to explore what it means to embrace God’s grace, and his truth, and then to extend grace to those who have yet to experience it.

We hope you sign up  for Disciple Now 2013 (Nov 8-10) no later than November 1.

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