In a Youth Ministry class at Toccoa Falls College, my prof wanted us to explore different approaches on to how to lead a local church youth ministry. I had just graduated from six years of being a student participant, and hardly realized that there were different approaches than my past experiences. I am grateful for the wisdom of my prof. I remember reading Family-Based Youth Ministry. “FBYM” emphasizes the Old Testament model in which God instructed the parents to teach His commandments to their children (Deut 6: 4-9). I absolutely agree! God’s design for parents is to be the primary spiritual coach for their children.

Last week, I attended a local gathering of youth pastors (Youth Ministry Fellowship). The topic: Family-Based Youth Ministry. This got me thinking again: What can we (“the BC Youth Ministry”) do to follow God’s design to encourage, equip, and empower parents?

As a Youth Ministry and Youth Staff, we do not have many answers, but we do have questions we want to consider:

  • Are we (“The BC Youth Ministry”) invested in and connected with the discipleship of parents?
  • We strive for students to belong. How can we do this for parents?
  • Are we creating a space for parents to be together? Is there a space for new parents to easily assimilate? (How do we do this?)
  • Are we inviting parents to mentor other parents?


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