We absolutely believe in the benefit of students attending our upcoming Winter Camp and onMission Trips.   We recognize that both have costs, and therefore want to provide quality fundraising opportunities to help.  (We place a high value on students “working” for their trip.”)

Winter Banquet
The Winter Banquet is a night out to celebrate great food, theater, and friendships on January 24 & 25.

7-12th grade students who can participate in this fundraiser (must meet at least one of the following qualifications):

At least one parent of each student must sign-up for a support role.  Email:mrsz@wowway.com.

Dec 27, 9:30a-12p (Drama practice & General Prep). Coffeehouse/Quad
Jan 11, 9:30a-12p (Drama practice/phone calls). Coffeehouse/Quad
Jan 18, 9:30a-12p (Drama practice/prep). Coffeehouse/Quad/Sanctuary
Jan 23, 6:30-9p (Setup: mandatory for all participants)
Jan 24, 4:30-10p (event: mandatory for all participants)
Jan 25, 5:30-10p (event: mandatory for all participants)

Ask neighbors/family if they have any jobs/labor. Place money in envelope with Trip Tix in gym mailbox.

BC Rent-A-Teen ChildCare 
Provide childcare at designated functions. Must be in High School. Sign up at:storiesof.us/funds.

Student Accounts
We keep track of fundraised money and share updates with each student about once a month.