Over the summer, our Big Idea for Coffeehouse was called “Perspective Shift,” based off the Beatitudes. For the fall, we’ve transitioned to a new series called “God is.” It’s easy to think of God as awesome, big, magnificent, and probably many other things.

In my days at Malone University, a close pastor friend encouraged me to read a book called Portraits of God by Allen Coppedge. In the book, Coppedge takes the entire Bible and succinctly addresses 8 particular roles that God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit fulfill. Some of these include God as our “transcendent creator, sovereign king, and personal revealer.” So, we decided to give this book a try and teach our crew at Friday Night Coffeehouse about the roles of God.

As students are working out their understanding of God on Friday night, our aim is to expand their understanding about how God’s roles relate to their lives. Throughout everything, even though understanding God might seem like a puzzle where sometimes all the pieces fit together, and other times not, we want students to know that God desires relationship with them.

Through providing a safe and welcoming space, our hope is that we communicate the roles of God in our words and our actions.