Another week of Youth Alpha is in the books. The sun was shining, which gave us the added plus of opening the Courtyard to enjoy the weather. We hosted our first annual chili cook-off. Plus, there were prizes. During the film session, students watched and discussed “Who is Jesus.”


  • 65 students
  • 3 new students (Kevan, Nick, Dorian)  #youarewelcomehere
  • Root beer floats in the Courtyard  #awesomeweather
  • Old school kickball #runrunrun  #classic
  • 6 chili’s entered into the cook-off  #hotsauce #dontforgetthebeano
  • Nose-dive game  #vasoline #cottonballs
  • Watching students and adults discuss film #2, Jesus: Who is He? #whoisJesus


Kickball. Everybody has played it and probably remembers of the good ‘ole days on an elementary school playground. So, what better way to remember a childhood favorite than to play some competitive kickball in the gym from 6:30-7:30pm. Our leaders Jay, Chris, Nate, and Lou jumped in on the action. The exciting thing was this: the crowd started at about 10 people. By the time the game really got going, there were 30 or so people smiling and having a blast at kickball. No skill level needed. Just a fun, competitive spirit. This is another way to show that there is a community that is forming where we encourage that Friday Night Coffeehouse is a “safe and welcoming place.”