You and your friend just got dropped off by your parents (who let you listen to your favorite radio station because you do have a friend in the car who and you want them to think your family is “cool.”) You walk inside, greeted by Joel and Johnny who seem to laid back and fun. You write your name on a sticker and start walking toward the music. That’s right, there is two guys named Allan and Tim playing acoustic guitars. They sound awesome. The room has a great vibe to it: chill colored lights, music, and lots of people. You scan the room to see many of your friends hanging out. Some sitting on couches while others play fusbol. But first you grab some “Generoso” pizza and “Sweet Tea” prepared by “Barista Matt.” As you scarf down the pizza, you hang out with your friends and with their friends who you are getting to know better each week. Leaders like Lou, Christine, Amy, and Melissa, stop by to say hey to you and your friend. 30 minutes later you are invited over to the coffeehouse. It’s joke time with Nathan and Matt. The jokes are corny, but it doesn’t matter. Daniel introduces this weekend’s film about prayer. The film’s always seem to be interesting. The speaker, Jamie, has funny illustrations and makes you think. And he has a British accent and says things like “holiday” and “rubbish” which is amusing. After the film, you are off to your table group. Your leader, Nicole, is totally cool. She encourages everyone to share their opinions. You feel like you can say whatever and not be judged. Before you know it, it’s time to go to the gym for a game. Tonight’s game: “human fusbol.” Totally awesome! It is 8:30…YouthAlpha is already over. Can’t wait until next week!

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