A vital part to any group that meets at Bloomingdale Church is the team that supports it.  At Friday Night Coffeehouse, we have a strong team of 16 adults.  Some adults work primarily with High School students, and others mostly with Junior High. Some of us are even crazy enough to stay until the 11:30pm closing time for virtually all of the weeks we are open.

But more than just what Coffeehouse leaders “do,” is their passion to serve. I recently heard a story of one of our newer volunteers, Rebecca. A close mentor of hers described to me how much she loves Friday. At her day job, she gets to invest in students. And then, she has the opportunity to come to Friday Night Coffeehouse and impact Junior High students.

Coffeehouse volunteers know that they are serving as models both in life and in faith. Each adult that serves strives to walk alongside students, to listen and encourage them, and provide guidance.

We are fortunate to lead and serve alongside such committed Christ following individuals. The results of what happens at Friday Night Coffeehouse are in many ways related to the effort and energy the whole team faithfully contributes each week.