At some point or another, most of us have ventured to Chicago. You have seen “The Bean”, gone to Navy Pier, and walked through the Loop. But, there are plenty of parts of Chicago that many of us have not seen. One of them is Roger’s Park. The neighborhood is considered one of the most diverse neighborhoods in Chicago, and also nationally.

Embedded in this diverse area is Family Empowerment Centers of Chicago [FECC]. Not familiar? Go to to learn more. Our church has worked with this ministry for many years. We even sent out our friends Rob and Susan as full time workers to this area. FECC serves the Roger’s Park community by providing services to kids, and families and morning church services to reach their neighbors.

From June 21-27, we will be taking high school students to this neighborhood and living there for the week. Students will have the opportunity to rub shoulders with those from the neighborhood. Additionally, it’s the team’s privilege to put on a vacation Bible school, teach soccer camps, play games with kids, and learn how to express their faith in diverse settings. That only encapsulates a snapshot of the many opportunities students will have to learn during Chicago onMission 2014.

So you might be asking, why is this important? Well, one of our core values as a ministry is the idea of being onMission. This means that not only do we desire to proclaim Jesus Christ in our words, but also in our actions. Admittedly, the words part is often easier, but God calls us to take steps of faith in order for the Gospel to spread. So, we consider these trips not only an adventure, but as a way to spread God’s message locally and globally.

If you would like to learn more, or sign up for this trip, please go to The deadline to sign up for Chicago 2014 is January 12.