My (Nate’s) top three reasons why students should join me at Winter Camp 2014…

1. Broomball/Snow Tubing– Expeditions Unlimited offers some great winter activities, but these two will top everyone’s list. There’s something about flying down a hill on an inflated donut that’s good enough for every thrill seeker. Also, with the Winter Olympics coming soon, there’s no greater opportunity to test one’s Olympic aspirations than in Broomball!?!.

2. Saul Ebema/Worship– If you didn’t see the video of Saul’s testimony (, you missed out on  how God has brought this man to Himself from the most war-torn areas of Africa. His message of “Wake Up” for our spiritual lives will be impacting.  I cannot wait for the vibrant worship experience too.

3. Hanging Out/Relaxing– A retreat should not only be a step out of our regular lives, but a chance to reflect and hang out with friends. Students will get the chance to reflect on what God is communicating to them as well as unwind from a busy school season.

Winter Camp is February 7-9 at Expeditions Unlimited in Baraboo, Wisconsin.  Sign up by Sunday, January 26 at