Mythbusters has become a popular TV show on the Discovery Channel. Two brothers take on ‘old wives tales’ or urban legends to separate what is fact or fiction. This translates to a lot of speed tests, fires, explosions, and usually a big mess as they search for the truth.

This year for Winter Camp, on February 12-14, we are taking the idea of putting certain truths or myths surrounding Christianity to the test. Students will get to experience an activity filled weekend at Expeditions Unlimited (Baraboo, WI) . Some experiences include broomball, snow-tubing and adventure hikes, while also getting to hear from Pastor Pete Lillestolen from Mequon, WI.

Even if you are not a fan of the cold weather, you will enjoy all the activities and time just getting to hang out with friends over this holiday weekend.  Go ahead and sign up today!WC.001