We like to go offsite…Winter Camp, Disciple Now, Serving, TeamUp…great stories to tell. Incredible life-impacting experiences. Students must have a completed parental/guardian permission for all offsite activities and retreats.


Online Permission Form

1)We would really appreciate if you, the PARENT/GUARDIAN, logged in to your “Connected Bloomingdale Church” account first. (The online permission form will therefore be linked to your account in CBC, helping us to know that it was you who gave permission.)  The CBC login/New CBC Account signup widget is available to the right (desktop) or below (mobile screen)

2) Click ABOVE on the desired offsite trip below and fill in all required information.  (You may need to scroll.)

3) If there is an activity cost, you can:

  1. Pay online (within online permission form)
  2. Use available money from your student account. (This is only available for Disciple Now, Winter Camp, TeamUp retreats; and onMission trips.)  (Please review “Student Accounts” section below.)
  3. Place money in a sealed envelope with a “Trip Tix Form” in the Student Account mailbox outside the gym office.

Cash or Checks are accepted payment. (Checks are payable to: “Boomingdale Church Youth Group”).Trip Tix Form

4) If attending a retreat at Lake Geneva Youth Camp, each participant must turn in Lake Geneva Youth Camp Release forms to the Student Account mailbox next to the gym office.

Lake Geneva Youth Camp Forms


Printed Permission Slips

Available in Youth Quad (for your convenience)

Please turn in the completed form into the Student Account mailbox outside the gym office before the assigned deadline. If there is an activity cost, please place the money in a sealed envelope with a “Trip Tix” and your permission form. 


Student Accounts

Our Youth Ministry Bookkeeping Team (comprised of parent volunteers) keep track of every student’s fundraising account (7th-12th grade).

Student Accounts (for fundraising) funds can applied to the following retreats only:

  • onMission/LIFE trip
  • Student Leadership Retreat
  • Disciple Now
  • Winter Camp
  • TeamUp Retreat

Student Accounts funds cannot:

  • Be retrieved for non-retreat use.
  • Be retrieved at the completion of high school.
  • Be transferred to another student’s account (unless siblings).
  • Contributions to a specific student’s account are not tax-deductible.

Students will receive a semi-monthly Student Account update in their church mailbox or via email. (Therefore, please make sure your contact info is up-to-date in CBC.)


First-Time Retreat Scholarship

We want to give students (who have never attended a retreat) the opportunity to attend. Our hope is that after having a great experience, this student will fundraise for future retreats. The Keith Waterman Scholarship Fund exists to give an opportunity to 7­-12th grade students who have never attended a Youth Group retreat. Please email: youth@bloomingdalechurch.org or talk to Youth Staff if you are interested.



We provide fundraising opportunities that have proven to be the most effective.

  • Students will only receive money in their Student Account for the fundraising activities in which they participate.
  • It is a student’s decision which and how many fundraisers they do.
  • Please understand that our Youth Staff and Adult Youth Leader’s primary role is spiritual care and leadership. Therefore, we encourage parental support.
Fundraising Opportunities


Trip Info & Packing

Packing Info Sheet