Offsite Expectations


If a student chooses to not follow the specific rules of the leaders on an offsite retreat/trip:

  1. 1st offense: student will contact their parents and explain his/her choices
  2. 2nd offense: student will be sent home on his/her own expense

We reserve the right to send a student home immediately.


Retreats are an opportunity to not only “retreat” from our busy schedules, but also “retreat” from our continual use of electronics.

Cell phones are allowed, if the following are observed on retreats and onMission trips:

  • You may use your cell phone to contact your parent during free-time, if you receive permission.
  • You may keep your cell phone for emergency use.
  • You must share your cell phone number with the leader (via permission form).

The following cell phone/mobile device use is not allowed:

  • Texting, watching media, playing games, online, social media, and using apps.
  • Using your cell phone/mobile device during teaching sessions, seminars, or any group time (except a “Bible App”).

Students who chose to use their cell phone/mobile device will be asked to give the device to their leader:

1st offense: remainder of day; 2nd offense: remainder of trip.
Students may use an adult leader’s phone to call home when appropriate.


We maintain zero tolerance for violence; harassment; possession of drugs, alcohol, tobacco, or weapons. Students who do not comply will be immediately removed.  Parents/guardians will be informed and asked to pick up their student.


  • We will be respectful of God, of each other, and of ourselves.
  • We will clean up before going home, including any space we used and taking time to clean up the vehicles.
  • We will use appropriate language with one another.
  • We will keep our contact brief and appropriate with others.


If you can bend over and touch your toes without showing any skin or underwear in the back, then your shirt and pants are okay. If you can raise your hands all the way above your head and not show your stomach or underwear, then your shirt is okay.

Girls: Tops: Please wear tank tops instead of spaghetti straps.  If the shirt has a low v-neck, shows your midriff, or has an open back, please put a shirt underneath it.  Bottoms: Skirts need to be at least mid-thigh length. Please do not wear shorts/pants with words on the rear.  Swimwear: No bikinis, but tankinis are okay if the pieces are close together. Bathing suits with a tank top over is a good choice.
Boys: Shirts must be worn at all times unless at the beach.  No speedos at the beach.  No low hanging pants please.


Parents/Guardians are responsible for sharing information about any allergies their students have by emailing or updating their student’s profile on CBC (only viewable to leaders).

If a student needs to bring medications:

  • Parents/Guardians must email before the trip to let us know they will be bringing the medication, what it is for, and what the schedule for taking it is. (This information will be kept confidential among the leaders.)
  • It is up to parents/guardians to decide if their student can manage their medications on their own. If so, students are allowed to keep their medication. If not, their leader will keep the medication and administer it. (Our adult leaders will assist in making sure a student takes their medications if needed.)
  • If attending a trip to Expeditions Unlimited (ex: Winter Camp), the camp policy states that medications must be administered by leaders.


Bloomingdale Church brings a first aid bag to all offsite trips. Students should see an adult leader if they need any minor medical attention.

If you (parents/guardians) do not want Ibuprofen or Acetaminophen to be administered to your child, please update your student’s CBC account (edit profile, then add the info in the “allergies” section) or email