We are all in this together!  

Please let us know if any of the following parent/guardian volunteer/support opportunities interest you.   (Please email youth@bloomingdalechurch.org).


[ ] Prayer. We are looking for parents who will pray for our students by name, either in a prayer group or individually.

[ ] Hospitality. Bring fresh snacks or packaged snacks as needed.

[ ] Building Host. At Friday Night Coffeehouse, greet students and “visitors” to the building. Direct them. Provide additional building security.

[ ] Weekend Service Family Captain. We would like families (parents & teens together) to adopt a section (3-4 rows) in the sanctuary during the regular weekend service you attend. Your family mission is to: 1) Connect with any guests who have teenagers 2) “Adopt” a teenager into your family whose parents do not attend our church.

[ ] Drive students to an offsite event. Assist with driving needs. Promote safety (including seat-belt enforcement). If driving, please consider not bringing non-youth group children.

[ ] Host small group at your home. Disciple Now or Small Groups.

[ ] Fundraising Support. Work with a team to organize a specific fundraiser.

[ ] Admin Support. Make reminder phone calls to parents. Assist with clerical needs.

[ ] Bookkeeping Team. Work with team to manage student accounts. Meet once a month.

[ ] Resources. I have and may be able to make available:
(Ex: Camping equipment, Grilling skills, Sleeping Bags, Construction abilities, Tech abilities, etc