Two years ago, there was a large group of teenage guys who began coming to Coffeehouse. Most of them were from the neighborhood, within walking distance of the church. These guys especially loved to play basketball. In some ways, they are kind of like the Sandlot bunch – of basketball. A few years ago, several guys randomly showed up at the church wanting to play basketball. The following day, I was able to play some pick up at the park across the street from the church. And so, many of these guys started coming to Friday Night Coffeehouse as a result.

With such a large group of guys, we wanted to teach them the basics of Christianity. In the Spring of 2013, we put on a “Basketball Youth Alpha” with this specific group. Because of this, I believe many of them have become a regular part of the youth group. They have gone from stranger, to guest, to regular, and ultimately to friend with many of the youth group students and leaders.

This spring, some of the guys are on their third go-around of Youth Alpha. I can see the changes that God is doing in their lives. There is a calm and deepness in some of them, that I don’t believe was there before coming to Friday Night Coffeehouse two years ago.

It is our hope that all of the students who attend will experience the transforming power of the love of Jesus. We desire to welcome each student just as they are, and weekly to point them to the truth of the Gospel.