“Times, they are a’changin.”  Whether you relate this famous Dylan song lyric to the 1960’s when it was first sung as the anthem of the times or you relate it to today when we can easily remember our lives without Facebook, smart phones, and Justin Bieber; we can all get behind the idea that our times are changing.

In the past two years, our Youth Staff and volunteers have noticed significant shifts in the needs of the students, families, and community we serve. While we remain fervently onMission to help our students and families know Jesus Christ as Lord, we believe that we must consider adjusting how we go about that as a community.

Why consider change? 
1) God’s Word and His mission to be making disciples never changes. Our culture, community, felt needs, and family structures are always in a state of change.  We will respond to these shifts in order to better fulfill our mission.
2) It may have worked in 2004, or 2012, but it’s 2013! Take a moment to consider how many cultural realities in our day-to-day lives that seemingly shape who we are did not exist even five years ago.

In the months ahead, you will find emails in your inbox just like this one.  The information will be organized with the following themes:

YouthMinistryReimagine graphics.002

Ever heard the saying that “two heads are better than one?”  Well, how about 150 heads?

We will be asking you for your feedback…multiple times!   This will come as online surveys, focus groups, and across the table conversations.   We want to know what you think.  We believe our future Youth Ministry will be better because of your feedback!


YouthMinistryReimagine graphics.003

We do not want to keep your fantastic feedback to ourselves.   In this section, we will summarize a previous survey, a Youth Ministry book review, or other helpful resource that we believe reflects what we are hearing from you.

YouthMinistry Reimagined graphics.004

As a teaser, we will include potential programming ideas in this section.  This is more or less our “labs” section.  We may or may not keep each idea we share, but we are willing to try it out at least!

It is our hope that this email leaves you intrigued and excited for this grand re-imagination of our Youth Ministry.   That being said, will consider the following:
1) Read these emails as they arrive in your mailbox in the future (or online @
2) Pray for our Youth Ministry.  Pray that our awesome God speaks to us and through us each as we consider the future.
3) Make “No Small Plans!”

Speaking of “Making No Small Plans,” I (Daniel) would like to leave you with one of my favorite quotes.  It comes from Daniel Daniel Burnham, lead architect for 1897 Chicago Columbian Exposition (World’s Fair)

“Make no small plans. They have no magic to stir humanity’s blood and probably themselves will not be realized. Make big plans; aim high in hope and work…Remember that our sons and daughters are going to be doing things that will stagger us. Let your watchword be order and your beacon beauty. Think big.”

Serving You,
Daniel & Amy, Jen, Matt & Christine and over 60 youth leaders and mentors!