What is the #1 thing you would like to see different about the weekly Youth Group gathering?

  • Some prayer time would be nice each week to focus your mind.
  • More worship!
  • If you put Jr. High and High School together, just make sure we don’t spend the lesson/small group time together. Worship and games would be okay together if needed. Just a suggestion so we can still hang out and bridge the gap, but also have time to feel comfortable sharing/connecting in our smaller, split off groups. 🙂
  • More small group talk time, about life and about the lesson
  • The most important is God’s Word. Deeper study of the Word; taking in to consideration that God’s Word does not come back void.
  • As a parent, depression and lack of confidence seems to run rampant in their lives; tools to help them
  • More focus on developing their walk with Christ…how to “do” quiet times with God (how it looks).
  • I feel like topics that a lot of people struggle with in high school needs to be addressed (i.e. gay marriage, alcohol, sex before marriage.)  In order for us to have a solid moral and opinions on a subject we need to have some biblical backgrounds.
  • Topics that might make it easier to bring friends to more focus on local issues
  • More game time
  • I think we should let God just take things over once in awhile and have like a free week or something
  • More special speakers and series topics

What is the #1 thing you would like to see different about offsite outreach events [Junior High] or Coffeehouse [High School]?

  • More unity…not so many people doing their own thing.
  • More spontaneous opportunities at Coffeehouse to include floaters and get people mingling. That works well.
  • At youth group (like we used to do) visiting people, working for people, writing cards to people, etc
  • Outreach and fellowship are important and should not be open to filthy or corrupt langauge as well as music that is too secular.
  • I’d like to see outings and get-togethers (at students and leader’s homes) for the purpose of fun and fellowship. This would promote relationship-building and build bonds that will support the teens in their Christian walk.
  • More serving in the community.
  • Having an outreach night every now and then where we can help the community in some way together
  • Small outings should be planned on a more personal level between leader and student. I remember once Jen and I (female student) went out to coffee and it meant so much to me. If we all were able to connect on a deeper level, the group would be able to be vulnerable with one another.
  • More game days at Coffeehouse
  • More variety of stuff like potlucks or stuff with food
  • More people mixing
  • A summer welcome party/cookout/hangout
  • Give us a mission to think about


A Unified Youth Ministry with 3 CORE FOCUSES
If you have not picked up on it yet, we are looking to make significant Youth Ministry changes in the next six months.  While change is challenging, we are willing to do whatever it takes to chase after Jesus’ mission to love Him and His people.

Some of these upcoming changes include:

  • A unified team of Adult Volunteers and Youth Staff, focusing on key ministry areas benefiting the greater whole (Community Outreach, Discipleship, and Care)
  • Utilizing different discipleship angles (large group, small group, and one-on-one) and balancing our programming (evangelistic outreach, discipleship, and “member-care”)
  • Adjusting the weekly programming schedule to create opportunities to emphasize new programs (ex: The Mentoring Project, Small Groups, Youth Alpha)

Our Three Core Focuses will be:
COMMUNITY OUTREACH (Lk 10:2; Acts 17:22-23)

  • Being a safe place for students in our community
  • Being present in our community
  • Providing a space for spiritual conversations
  • Living out Christ’s mission to share His Good News

DISCIPLESHIP (Heb 10:25, Acts 2:1)

  • Large community gathering for worship, prayer, learning, and being onMission
  • Time and topic-specific small groups for anyone who wants to “go deeper”
  • Encouragement and coaching

CARE (1 Cor 11:1)

  • The Mentoring Project: connecting students with Christ-following mentors who will walk alongside them as they become mature confident adults
  • Parent support, development, encouragement
  • Volunteer care and development