From June 21-27, 9 students and 3 adults will eat, sleep, and breathe at Family Empowerment Center, located in Roger’s Park, Chicago. Some of the things our team will learn and experience include:

  • Hand’s on evangelism training led by the Family Empowerment Center staff.
  • Leading a VBS and Soccer Camp for neighborhood children, as well as helping with other felt needs.
  • Prayer walking through Roger’s Park.
  • Picking up trash off the streets.
  • Handing out water bottles to residents.
  • Learning how diverse Roger’s Park is through eating at ethnic restaurants, visiting Little India, and attending a Muslim prayer service.

Jesus told us in Acts 1:8 that we would be his “witnesses” locally (Bloomingdale), regionally (Chicago), nationally (US), and all across the globe (the world). We’re excited to partner with this organization again as we seek to do short-term work that leads to long-term change.