Serving WITH My Children: Thoughts from a mom of teens

Liz Smith recently spent the day with her three teens (Nekoda, Koani, Kaleen) on a 1DAY serving experience at an Alliance church in Hyde Park (Chicago).

It seems as though once your children become high schoolers our family time with them becomes more difficult for various reasons. And though we may go to Church together and have some fellowship with others in church, it was very different to come alongside with them and serve.

This 1DAY trip was an answer to prayer. It brought us all together for a day of serving and opportunities to be with people we did not know until we started talking as we worked.

I was totally blessed to sit with my family and listen to this unique ministry God is doing in the neighborhoods surrounding the University of Chicago.  It allowed them to see that God does not work just in the structure of the traditional church.

At the end of the day I was so content that God opened the door for us to be together an extension of Gods hand.

I would encourage all you parents who like myself my not have the opportunities to serve God together with your teens, it is very rewarding.