June 2011

Hola! The fact that I’m sitting here writing my very first blog ever reminds me that this is going to be a very exciting summer filled with new experiences that I can’t wait to share with my family at home and at Bloomingdale. I’m honored and privileged to say that God has called me to serve as a High School Youth Group leader at Bloomingdale Church so that I can learn to serve my brothers and sisters in high school but also so I can learn more about who God is through them and through the other wise leaders in the youth group. I pray I get a chance to know all of the students and all of their parents well so that we can all share in the ways God is Lord of all our lives. With that brief intro, here are seven things I learned in youth group that are also directly related to my life and how Christ has shaped it to be more like His.

1. Love and cherish the words written in the Bible on a daily basis.

2. The value and importance of Discipleship. This is the reason why I have decided to come back to Bloomingdale as a high school leader/intern.

3. Reach out in love.

4. Break out of your comfort zone for Christ.

I have a story to go with these last two points. I emigrated from Peru when I was 10 years old. I felt out of place and lonely for some time as I readjusted to life in the U.S. Before I could get used to Jr. High, I was graduating and entering into a scary maze, filled with unfriendly creatures and buckets of homework, called Glenbard East High School. High school youth group taught me that the best way to deal with new circumstances and people is to break out of my shell and to reach out to others in love. Through mission trips and community service opportunities I learned priceless skills in becoming a community driven person which aid me now in college both as a varsity soccer athlete and as a Resident Assistant.

5.  Develop strong bonds with others through the Holy Spirit. I quickly learned that it is important to have a strong support network of friends when you go out into the crazy world of high school or into adulthood.  I had the privilege of attending college with some of my closest friends from youth group, Brent and Christopher Steinke, who are also interning here at Bdale this summer. I also have the honor of serving the “high schoolers” with Tim Hauser this summer, another great friend from high school youth group!

6. Youth Group is a place where I feel at home and safe. This might be an ulterior reason for me coming back to serve in high school, I feel good there!

7. High school youth group taught me to be a practical individual in how I communicate and relate to others.

The human brain can most easily retain information if it is present in groups of seven, which is why phone numbers are seven digits long and why I made seven points in this blog! (Which reminds me to tell you that I’m also fascinated with the human brain and hope to attend medical school sometime after I graduate Trinity if its were God wants me to go).

Alberto attended Glenbard East High School, grew up in Peru, and loves Chipotle and smooth jazz.