Why do Small Groups work? For many reasons, but let’s start with two:

First, it all starts with community. People love people, and especially people to whom they relate. There are many activities going on in students’ lives at this point in the school year. The balancing act of homework, athletic activities, and social media, on top of leaving time for hobbies, can cause a student to be starved of face-to-face social interaction with friends. Students need this time to unpack their thoughts from a busy work week with people that can relate.

Secondly, it is a time to discuss the practical messages in God’s Word and what they mean for our hearts and minds. The benefit of the smaller group is that everyone gets a chance to share their thoughts and unique understanding from the Scripture passage. Depending on the age group, the leaders give more or less structure, depending on the needs of the group. This makes each Small Group unique, allowing the Holy Spirit to tap on the hearts of students a message they can take home as they prepare for another school week.

Not connected with a Small Group? Check out this link for information on the time and locations of our Youth Group Small Groups.