It’s our Small Group kick-off season! The groups are meeting consistently and the host homes are providing a wonderful atmosphere for our students.

I asked several leaders how their small groups are going and the responses have been very positive. Janie M [Girls leader] shared that the relationships and deep spiritual questions often happen during the simple interaction times like a game or snack.

One group in particular refers to themselves as the “greatest small group ever” because they follow the lessons as outlined and still have time to chat about what is specifically going on in their lives. I was told they would also like me to make a video of themselves as the “picture perfect small group” for next time.  (I won’t pop their bubble just yet!)

It is encouraging that many of the students are pushing to talk about deeper and “messier” subjects in the Christian faith. Our students working their faith out and what it really means to them personally is exactly what we hope to see.