Our Spring Small Groups have kicked off again and it has been exciting. Over the past several months we have been regularly asking students for their feedback on Coffeehouse, Small Groups and Sunday Morning Youth Group (via focus groups).  We are listening.

A constant theme we have found that our students enjoy is TOGETHERNESS. They love being a group together.  The like getting to talk and grow in their spiritual lives based on what they are learning from each other. Specifically, our Small Groups have stepped in to meet this need.

Small Group Highlights:

  • 10-12th Grade (Joel R, Mark and Ashley W)  Last week 18 people squeezed into the Waterman’s house as they continued their study on John 1-3. The students love the chance to chat about their life.  The are even sticking around after to ask questions.
  • 8-9th Grade (Janie M & Tim H) This group is using the book of John to springboard into questions on how they can better share their faith. The message of Jesus and his life has been very helpful.
  • 7th Grade Girls (Anna K, Katherine B) They have grown together very quickly. They are sharing life issues and are very honest with each other.  God is working in the hearts of our 7th grad girls and it’s a good sign of the leadership to come.
  • 7th Grade Boys (Nate K, Chris F) This group loves competing with each other. Whether that means in billiards or the Wii, they love to be with each other in the heat of battle. That’s not all! They are enjoying our Bible study and love the study comments that are a part of the book.
Composed by Nate Kugel