Our Sunday Morning Youth Group Kick-off week was a great success and was filled with a multifaceted hour of a spiritual focus.

We started off with two songs to sing together. As our youth sang a new song entitled Break Every Chain, the simple and repetitive chorus states, “There is power in the name of Jesus.” This struck me as the focal point to everything that was taking place in our group that morning.

The two songs were followed up with a spiritual exercise where my wife, Anna, led our students in a time of silent reflection and personal confession. It was a powerful moment as we all were able to do a self-checkup and evaluate where we were at in our life. Not only was this exercise therapeutic, but also was pivotal in setting the tone for the morning of being honest with ourselves and the status of relationship with Jesus.

We transitioned the High School and Junior High to separate and study our Bible chapter of the week, Romans 1. The most exciting part of all, was that we had two students who had prepared and led the discussion! It became clear that these students were passionate about this passage of the Bible, coming with great questions and planned activities that we all were able to take part in. We will have two more students leading every week, and are excited that our student’s Biblical understanding, whether new or long-time attender, are being grown.

We hope you will join us for the unique experience that is Sunday Morning Youth Group.