We kicked off our new format of Sunday Morning Youth Group, which is replacing our former Sunday School format. Ben Commons came and kicked off our morning with some great worship music and Nate Kugel followed up with a fun game to wake everyone up.

The High School was challenged by Gordon Pwith the vision for the upcoming weeks: how to make the stuff we say we believe a part of the permanent areas of our life. The students wrote out a typical day and critiqued it based on looking to see where God was trying to get their attention. The Junior High was challenged by Tim Hto do a spiritual discipline such as fast, extended time of prayer, or give financially to something that will go to God’s mission. The goal here, a part of our Sticky Faith mantra, is that our faith requires action and these are ways that we solidify God’s work as a part of our lives.

This coming Sunday we continue to the next part of not only NOTICING God in our life, but training ourselves to UNPLUG sometimes (mentally and physically) from the chaotic world we are surrounded by. We hope to see you Sunday at 9:30ish in the Youth Quad for the next stage in helping us create a real Sticky Faith.  (Warning: There will be a few surprises!)