With 31 teenagers and 7 leaders, our Youth Group OnMission team served the South Elgin community. 


  • We rebuilt and landscaped a whole new playground area and weeded all the gardens.
  • We painted the church entry way and repainted the church sign.
  • We led neighborhood kids through a Day Camp in a local park with five new families. (Surprisingly, for our first day, no kids showed up. We took this opportunity to stop and pray asking God what He wanted us to do next. It was clear from the teens responses that God was leading us to still bring Day Camp to this community. So we split up to run more fliers, prayed, and set up at a local park where kids saw us and joined in.)
  • Our students learned what it means to trust God in real time, and how easy it is to do great things this close to home.

Students: Jake B., Stephanie B., Noah B., Andrew B., Jennifer B., Kayla C., Eric D., Paul D., Bella D., Trinity F., Matthew F., Mark F., Jeremy H., Michelle H., Luke J., Lacey J., Claire L., Heather M., Madeline O., Sebastian O., Grace P., Graham P., Jeremy P., Anthony R., Joshua R., Taylor S., Clarissa S., Joshua S., Emily T., Joshua V., Tim W. Leaders: Nate & Anna Kugel, Danny Muñoz, Ed & Mary O., Sara G., Jocelyn F