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The Need (7th grade girls)

The Need (7th grade guys)

The Need (8th/9th grade girls)

The Need (8th/9th grade guys

The Need (10th grade girls)

The Need (10th/11th grade guys)

The Need (senior guys)

>>Discovering Your Story in God’s Story


+The Tabernacle

>>In the Old Testament, God designated a sacred tent called the tabernacle where the people could meet with God and be forgiven of their sins. What would it look like to experience a recreation of God’s dwelling place? What will we learn about our story from it?

+Stations of the Cross

>>We will take a field trip to a liturgical church to imagine and wonder what Jesus’ final steps to the cross looked and felt like. Will our imagination of Christ’s sacrifice be challenged and changed?

+This is My Story

>>What if we were to spend time listening and learning about someone’s story while we journeyed to the places where their story was formed?

+Wisdom Stories

>>If we took the time to sit down and listen to the stories of people in their golden years (people older than our parents, yeah that old), what could we learn?

+The Need

>>The Bible is an incredible collection of redemptive stories. If we stepped into one of these stories and became the characters how would our understanding of redemption be challenged?

+Building a Team Story

>>The best stories include humble main characters and an ambitious goal. We are going to try this out with our small group.

+Worship Gatherings


+Adoration>>We sang about God’s awesome attributes. Then we painted God’s attributes on construction insulation that hung around the sanctuary

+Confession>>We sang confession songs. We did devotions around the theme of confession while Fitter played the guitar. We then wrote our sins on paper and burned them outside.

+Thanksgiving>>We sang songs of thanks to God. In between each song we shouted things we were thankful for.

+Story Connection


>Blogging MyStory