One of our youth ministry core values is to love our community. What this means for us comes from Jesus’ example in Luke 19:41. Jesus is described as weeping when he was entering the city of Jerusalem. Perhaps he was weeping because he knew the future that beheld him. But, when you put other parts of Scripture together, we know that Jesus was a shepherd who had compassion for his sheep…even those who were not of his fold. Jesus wanted lost sheep to be found. And, it’s with that same heart that we choose to love our community. 

Every Friday night, we love our community by providing a safe and welcoming environment at Coffeehouse. Additionally, we take that love for those who enter the church, and extend it to the community we serve…Bloomingdale, Glendale Heights, Addison, Carol Stream, and beyond. We give back to our community without expecting anything in return. This summer, we’re doing four serving events:

Day Camp [June 16-20]:  Students get to serve as singers, dancers, tech help, game and classroom support.  Year to year, over 40+ students love to be a part of this fun week.  Sign up at

Food Drive Bag Distribution & Bonfire [July 2, 6-9pm]: Partnering with Interdependence Day, we will be distributing food drive “grocery bags” in the community.  We will regroup for a bonfire after.  Pastor Bill is treating us to homemade ice cream too.  

Feed My Starving Children (July 9, 5:15-9:45pm): World hunger plagues much of the world. It’s astonishing to learn how little money a family lives on per day. At Feed My Starving Children, our small bit of time spent there can help provide food for thousands of people. Feed My Starving Children provides a high energy environment where groups will put together meal packages to be shipped all across the globe.

Alden Valley Nursing Home (July 23- (6-9pm): The elderly are often a group that is forgotten, or that do not have many visitors. For me, I love hanging out with this demographic. Their stories, life wisdom, and general charm are a joy to experience. We’ll get a chance to visit with these residents by talking with them, playing games, and by entering into their day-to-day lives.