Summer is here! So for SMYG this summer, we are going to gather in a more personal setting across the parking lot at my house. [Nate & Anna’s “256” Gray House basement]

We will enjoy some snacks and have the opportunity to look into God’s Word together. Our plan is to go through the book of James for the first 7 weeks.

We will be discussing:

  • the importance of controlling our tongue
  • how to persevere through life’s challenges
  • showing our faith through the way we live
  • and much more.

Starting July 20, we will switch our focus to: Relationships and Sexuality.
Social media and cell phones mixed with adolescent hormones perpetuate our constant exposure to this issue. God created us for relationships and designed our sexuality. Our last four weeks this summer will be geared towards clearly laying out what God has set for us as guidelines.