How many of you made new year’s resolutions this year? For years, I’ve wanted to run a marathon, but I have always backed out year after year. In 2013 I completed my resolution to run all 26.2 miles!

The Coffeehouse and Quad remodeling project was another goal I had in 2013.  We didn’t just set out with an idea and do nothing about it. We actually made a plan, bought supplies, and  got help. Plenty of mistakes were made. Setbacks happened. Nonetheless, we kept working (and are still working).

The truth is, many of us say we want to be this way or that way, but we don’t follow through on those words. I know I’ve done this plenty in my life. The reason why we feel this way is that it gives us outward satisfaction. (Though on the inside we’re often still empty.)

God created us, and gave us the ability to live out the things we say and believe. If we say we believe in God, our actions should be consistent with our belief. God doesn’t want us living one way on the outside, and feel empty on the inside. The bottom line is this: Talk is cheap if you do nothing with it.  The writer James tells us that “faith without works is dead.” If we truly want to follow Jesus, we can’t just make empty statements. Our belief in God must be accompanied by actions. 

I (Matt) shared the message above as part of our Remodeling Big Idea at Coffeehouse.  I also challenged the students to look up the book of James on their smartphone, or Bible, and read it. Spending time with God in his Word is the way we learn how to put our faith into practice.