On Aug 1-2 2015, 28 students and youth leaders were challenged to be a team working together while enjoying Christian community.

If you were someone observing the retreat hoping to see if the students truly cared for each other and had servant-like attitudes, you would have likely noticed these things:

  • Students who intentionally asked other students to be their “canoe partner”, ensuring that no one was left out.
  • Hungry, tired students working together to make a fire, prepare dinner, and set up tents.(And not giving up when the food was taking longer or the tent was harder to set up than originally hoped.)
  • Students befriending each other and making new friends.
  • Students praying together, thanking God for His beautiful creation.
  • Students stacking chairs after an outdoor camp worship service without being asked.
  • Students making sacrifices for each other to meet a felt need.

The retreat included many highlights such as canoeing on the Wisconsin River, eating lunch on a sand island, seeing numerous bald eagles, camping together, participating a campfire and outdoor worship service, swimming and hiking at Devil’s Lake, and playing games in the van ride.  It was observing our students live out the challenge to care for each other that made the retreat all the more wonderful.