YG Disc Pic.001How are we growing?  It starts with pushing ourselves to mature in our knowledge and love for God. Sounds simple right?  Yes, but this takes a conscious effort. We encourage teens to be regulars at Sunday Morning Youth Group and active in their Small Groups.  It’s one of the ways that we hope helps them grow.

Sunday Morning Youth Group (or SMYG) is a weekly event from 9:30-10:45am where you can come join us to expand your understanding of God and what he says in His Word. You’ll experience this through singing to live music, taking a few minutes for a spiritual growth exercise, and joining in as fellow students lead a Bible Study.

Small Groups are our home groups where you can hang out with a youth leader in a designated family’s house to discuss a segment of the Bible and get personal attention in your life. This is every Sunday night from 6:30-8pm and is split up by age group.  Fall Small Groups are Sep 13-Nov 1.