If you are the parent or mentor of a teenager, I am sure you realize the importance of being present in their life. This is not always an easy endeavor because teens want you around, while at other times they really just want some space.  It is not the ‘Electric Slide’ or ‘Macarena.’ Nonetheless, it is an important dance in which parents and mentors must engage.

One way we as a Youth Ministry are supporting parents and mentors in being present, is the volunteer opportunity at Friday Night Coffeehouse. We have had several parents volunteer as Check-in Hosts and Parent Hosts on a once per month basis. These volunteer roles cover multiple aspects: serving and being present in the lives of students, while allowing students to have space too. This also helps us to reinforce the safe and welcoming nature to our youth group programming.

The presence of parents and mentors in the lives of teens is essential for healthy development, and it is our aim to provide a place where the growth and development of our students can be nurtured. If you want to be part of meaningful and lasting impact on our students, join the dance.  Email us at youth@bloomingdalechurch.org