Just over four years ago, Amy and I began talking to our church leadership about the growth and needed changes in our Friday Night Coffeehouse. Our dedicated volunteer team was determined to see this vital ministry expand. And we needed help.

I remember well the first time Amy and I met Matt and Christine in 2011. They were interviewing for the newly formed Youth Community Outreach position. For the next four years, we have been able serve alongside each other as colleagues and friends. We are so grateful for Matt and Christine. They have faithfully and prayerfully worked toward making Coffeehouse a “safe and welcoming place.” Additionally, they have expanded the “Fan Van”, Student Internship, and Chicagoland serving initiatives.  Championing an ever-changing community, they have reached out to new volunteers and youth staff/interns.   They have modeled Christ through their marriage, lifestyle, and ministry.

Amy and I consider Matt and Christine to be some of our closest friends.   We stand behind them with our fullest support and admiration as they transition to serve in North Africa.  This is because we serve Jesus first, who has reminded us that our mission is to be a part of making disciples of all people in all places before His return (Matt 28:18-20; Matt 24:14).

We have been asking God for the right person for this position, as well as seeking counsel from our church leadership, and trusted colleagues. We are excited to officially welcome our next Youth Community Outreach Director: Daniel (Danny) Muñoz.

Our Youth Staff would like to share why we are excited about Danny being on the future team:

  • “I appreciate Danny’s passion for people and building relationships. That is so vital to the success of Friday Night Coffeehouse.” (Matt)
  • “Danny is a smart guy with a bright personality. His ‘fo-hawk’ and smile say, “I’m hard-core, yet have a great sense of humor.” He likes the Lord of the Rings and is in love with Jesus! What else can you ask for!?” (Nate)
  • “Danny is an energetic, hard-working guy with many different life experiences.  When you get to know him, you quickly learn about his passion for the Lord.” (Daniel)

And now, Danny would like to tell you a little about himself:

“My name is Daniel Muñoz (pronounced, MOOnYOs), but feel free to call me Danny (it saves Daniel Riem and I from responding at the same time!). I’m 31 years old and am Puerto Rican (why, yes, hablo Español 🙂  I’m originally from Northwest Indiana, but will be moving to Bloomingdale.  Some of the things I enjoy are playing drums, singing, watching soccer, sports activities, computers and video games, reading, learning, hanging out with family and friends, engaging in conversations with people, and teaching the Bible. I love God, family and friends. Before I came to Bloomingdale, I attended an affiliate C&MA church called New Beginnings Christian Fellowship in Maywood, IL for the past 5 years. I had the honor of serving alongside wonderful people as part of the worship team, youth ministry and teaching ministry.

I am stoked to be in Bloomingdale. I like to think of myself as a down to earth guy, please feel free to chat anytime. I look forward to the privilege of serving you all and growing together in our faith in Jesus.”

Danny joins the church staff on June 1. You will be seeing him sooner, as he has already started attending Bloomingdale Church (driving in from Indiana) because he wants to get to know people even before he begins his official role.