I can have a real spiritual impact in my local and global community +My heart is for my community [Luke 19:41]. I serve asking nothing in return [Mt 20:28] +Jesus told me to love His people [Jn 21:15-16, Mt 22:39] +Lost people matter to God and He wants them found.  God is sending me to help people find Him [Acts 26:17b-18]

discovering how to love your community @ Youth Group>>

Serving: Serving in our local community: nursing home, home visits, flyer distribution, community clean-up, community events.

Friday Night Coffeehouse: We exist for students from our community to have a place to hang out every Friday night.

Giving Projects: We support different ministries learning how to tithe by giving financially. (Ex: Roger’s Park School Supplies; Apache Christmas gifts)

See You at The Pole: Student-led gathering of prayer at local school flag poles.

onMission Trips + Community Outreach: Care for our local community, discovering God’s heart for “our people”.

Parents who inspire their family to serve

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