“What has God been teaching you, Nate?”

As a Youth Pastor, one of the greatest things I get to see is when a student makes the connection of their spiritual need for God.

But what happens when time snuffs out that fiery and full-hearted desire to live the God-centered life? In my own life, I hit a point where my own wants become the driving force behind my decisions, rather than the needs of others. Ironically, if I were to be asked during a time like that, “Are you reading your Bible and does it mean anything to you?” I could say, “yes” sincerely every week.

So, where’s the disconnect?

The better question that God is showing me, “Do you love me, Nate?” As I have walked through this in the last few months, it has been very difficult answer such a simple question. Is there a passion in my heart to act out what I’m studying in the Bible, because of a immense love for God? As one reads the Bible in its entirety, this message of love for God becomes the great meta-message of the whole book. (Matthew 22:34-38)

Excessive focus on myself, financial gain, complaint about the strain from helping others, and people’s opinions can drive me to emotional pain and stress. But when I am in love with God, these things become tiny pixels on the screen of my life, because all I want is to serve the God I love. I become passionate in my Christian life, like I was when I felt forgiveness for the first time.

So to every day I stop and ask, “Am I still ‘in love’ with God today?”